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Get involved

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Here's how you can support Bath Digital Festival.

Want to support Bath Digital Festival?

There are many ways to get involved
VR Therapies

Make a donation

Did you know that Bath Digital Festival is a charity? We strive to champion the tech scene here in Bath; offer accessible events for the entire community and; our festival pass is completely free!

We wouldn't be able to do this without the support of our fantastic donors and sponsors.

If you're feeling a little generous and want to be amongst our supporters, why not make a donation when you grab your Festival pass? It's really easy to do - just press the button- and let that good feeling beam inside. We'll be forever grateful.

Make a donation
networking event

Sponsor the festival

Bath Digital Festival is a unique opportunity to connect with a new audience and build relationships with the region's most talented business and influencers. 

This year Bath Digital Festival is going virtual to tackle the skills and jobs gap head on and you need to be involved. 

You'll be part of a 5-day event series focusing on recovery, skills and talent and, our brand new year-long Digital Skills Exchange programme. 

If you want to improve your recruitment flow and showcase your business as a brand leader in the digital and tech scene in the South West, get in touch.

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Ready Speaking at Bath Digital Festival

Speak or run an event

Our stage is for Baths community to share learning, experiences and stuff that is just pretty cool. If you've got something interesting and exciting to share or something creative to show off, we want to hear from you. 

Our first call for submissions has already passed but, there are still gaps in the programme. Here's some of topics we'd like to cover:

​​​​​​​Digital Talent: Skills, Talent, Learning, Culture, Diversity

Digital Living: ​​​Environment, Ethics, Health, Sustainability, Accessibility & Third Sector​​​

Digital Arts: Arts, Performance, Gaming, Animation, Motion & Textiles

Digital Business: Digital Transformation, E-commerce, IP, Law & Finance

Digital Entrepreneurs: Funding, Start-ups, Scaling & Product Development

Digital Ethics: Cyber Security, Data, GDPR, Ethics, Privacy & Trust

Digital Experience: Web Design, UX, UI & Customer Experience 

Digital Builders: Web Development, Creative Coding, JS, CSS & Web Tech 

Digital Engineering: DevOps, Coding, Machine Learning & AI

Digital World: 3D & 3D Print, Haptics, VR, AR, Robotics, Innovative technology

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Volunteers at Bath Digital Festival


We're incredibly grateful to the talented teams and individuals that support the festival each year by volunteering.

You too can help by sharing your skills and time with the community.

Volunteer at the festival