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2017/18 event
  • Past Festival Event

A Practical Guide to Equality

Five speakers come together to lead a panel discussion on how to make our tech workplaces more diverse.

24th October 2018  /  6pm - 8pm
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2017/18 event
  • Past Festival Event

Product Design as an Outreach Opportunity

Learn how Rocketmakers combined their product design process with outreach to young people from less advantaged communities.

23rd October 2019  /  4pm - 5pm
13 spaces remaining
2017/18 event
  • Past Festival Event

What a CTO Really Wants to see When you Apply for a Job in Their Team

We hire for cultural fit as much as we do for specific experience with our tech stack so it’s even more important that people put their best foot forward when they apply. Come and find out what we look for when recruiting.

22nd October 2020  /  1:30pm - 2:30pm
3 spaces remaining