Tonia Scott

Service Delivery Officer at Cafcass

About Tonia Scott

Tonia Scott joined Cafcass in January 2018, having worked within IT in various capacities and industries, on and off for 22 years. She started her IT career as a government administrator, while completing a degree in Information Communications Technology and Education and community studies. Once completing her degree, she found there weren’t many options for getting into IT. Tonia moved to an admin role before developing a career in Change Management. During this time, she was able to experience IT in various sectors, including Investment Banking, Legal and Oil services.

After taking time off to have her twin daughters, Tonia took up the opportunity to manage a Service Desk team, finding that her background in CM gave her many transferrable skills that she’s found useful in her current role. Tonia’s motto is ‘just get through the door and get stuck in’ and she uses this to encourage and empower other women to explore IT based careers.


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