Simon Miller

Co-Founder at 3keel

About Simon Miller

Simon is co-founder and Managing Partner of 3Keel LLP, a sustainability advisory firm based in Oxford. 3Keel spreads its work across between major brands and retailers; investors; and NGOs on issues relating to food and FMCG supply chain sustainability. Key areas of expertise are climate change, eco design, agricultural commodities and sustainable land use. Simon’s background is in environmental metrics - particularly carbon and ecological foot printing - and has worked closely with major food brands and UK retailers on topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to climate change adaptation to packaging optimisation. Simon typically operates in roles translating technical research and analyses into accessible advice for businesses.

In July 2015 Simon was appointed General Manager of the Cool Farm Alliance CIC, a position he holds in parallel to other 3Keel work. Simon leads the CFA team, and is responsible for functions including strategic development of the Cool Farm Tool software; methodology updates; fund raising; and member recruitment. Through this role, he works closely with major brand owners and leading academics in the field of sustainable agriculture.


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