Sarah Bolt

CEO and Co-founder at Forth With Life

About Sarah Bolt

Back in 2013 Sarah bought her first fitbit and had an idea. What if you could not only track your key physiological markers but key elements of your inside health.  Your body’s key biomarkers which influence your every day health such as your energy levels, sleep patterns, how good your diet was. Then you would have a complete and accurate personal biometric profile of your own body.  A baseline from where you could control, maintain, improve and optimise your future health and fitness. The idea for Forth was borne and after teaming up with her co-founder Chris, a beta service went live 2016 and Sarah raised initial seed funding via Crowdcube in 2017 to launch the service.

Sarah has spent most of her working life in marketing roles working on a diverse range or brands from Jack Daniels to being  NPD Manager for a new range of bladeless fans at Dyson. However, 10 years ago she decided she wanted to work within an industry that actually made a difference to people’s lives. She gave up her job at Dyson undertook a masters in Social Marketing (marketing for good) at UWE and sought out behaviour change roles within the healthcare sector.

Sarah comments "It was a great move, especially when 'digital healthcare' solutions started to emerge. I instantly became hooked on this sector, it's such an exciting area which has the ability to transform healthcare as we know it.  I want to empower people to have a greater understanding of their health because through knowledge and understanding can come change."

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