Oscar De Mello

Head of Commercial & Innovation at Cognisess

About Oscar De Mello

Oscar is Head of Commercial & Innovation at Cognisess Ltd. His role is to oversee commercial deals and leads on relationships with its research partners. He joined Cognisess from the University of Bath, where he led on the industrial partnership and commercial operations for the CAMERA project, a government funded research centre specialising in computer vision and machine learning.

Oscar has raised over £4million in grant funding for collaborative research and development projects ranging from development of servo valve designs for aircraft wings, algorithms for tracking food items in virtual dining experiences and a project to establish a new motion capture innovation facility in Bristol. Before joining Bath Oscar worked at Serco Group Plc, a FTSE100 Corporate Services company, holding multiple roles including Innovation Principal in the Service Innovation Team, and as broker for the South West Innovation Network, a project that brought together innovative SMEs with research and innovation expertise to help them grow. Oscar has a Masters degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship and is studying for a doctorate at the University of Bath’s School of Management, focusing on University-Industry collaborations and what makes some individuals more effective at forming and managing cross-disciplinary collaborative partnerships than others.

Oscar has worked at SME and corporate level in the private sector, and at globally leading research focussed University. Each role has involved bringing people from different backgrounds and skillsets together to innovate and then commercialise new products and services to fuel growth. At the core of everything he does is a desire to understand individual people and how they interact to maximise their potential both individually and as a group, and thankfully this is also a core mission of Cognisess.

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