Jane Ginnever

Founding Director at SHIFT

About Jane Ginnever

As a former teacher’s pet, Queen’s Guide, military officer and general control freak, Jane’s not your typical corporate rebel. She set out to change a world that she saw wasn’t working following 20 years in leadership roles and an MBA which wholly supported her instinct that the way organisations manage people was a problem. Initially working as an HR director in three very different organisations, she has now worked as an independent consultant through Shift since 2015.

She aims to change the world of work by taking away all of the stuff that gets in the way of people and organisations achieving their potential, including all of those unnecessary rules and policies. Jane works with clients in all sectors and of all sizes that recognise that the old models of operating, i.e. bureaucratic, hierarchical organisations where command and control is the prevailing management style, are no longer fit for purpose. She supports leaders to disrupt their organisational cultures and build businesses that are fit for the future – whatever it brings!

An authoritative voice on the future of work and a regular speaker on matters relating to people and organisations, Jane is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and collaborates widely on positive change projects in the UK, including the Bristol Women in Business Charter which launched in 2019. 

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