Helen Tonetti

Digital and Social Media Marketing Advisor at Make Digital Work

About Helen Tonetti

I am truly an women of the world....born in the UK, lived in Africa, moved to Ireland before coming back to the UK 7 years ago. I start

Do you know exactly what impact your digital and social media marketing efforts have on your bottom line?

Are you struggling to map out how to get leads qualified through your social and website content? Do you get clear reports showing clear ROI?

OR….do you rely on luck, and a “this has always sort of worked approach? “

Perhaps its time to bring in an independent advisor that can help you map out where you are with your digital marketing, and what needs to be improved or created to achieve your sales/ business goals.

Why Me?

You may be thinking about taking on a traditional, full-time Digital or Social Media Marketing Manager working with you on site. This can be a good option, but perhaps you just aren’t sure of the skills required, or can’t afford the right person at this moment.

Maybe you can afford someone, but you are scared to make the commitment to hire someone in on full salary, (with legal and HR implications) that may or may not work out.

How can you work with me?

  • I can support you and your team with training sessions and strategy workshops.
  • I can act as your outsourced digital or social director, doing the big picture thinking and planning. And ensuring you get the reports you need.
  • You can hire me as a Consultant, for shorter campaigns, perhaps you have a big event coming up or you are launching a new product or service and need a digital or social strategy mapped out or kick started.

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