Eriol Fox

Product/UX Designer at Ushahidi

About Eriol Fox

Eriol Fox is…

...a multi-skilled designer with 9 years of experience with awesome UX and Interaction skills, an Illustrator of cute things, a Front-end coding student with Google's Udacity Scholarship and video game enthusiast.

After studying an undergraduate degree in Fine Art specialising in New Media and Time-based artwork, I found I was more interested in design and digital than the world of fine art so I pivoted into a design career, however my fine art practices still prove useful in creative design projects . 

I self-taught the industry standard applications and expanded my knowledge and skills. I took courses and completed several paid work placements and freelance projects to get to the where I am today.

I’ve had job titles ranging from Digital Designer, Mid-weight Designer, UX Designer and Lead Designer. At my core, I love crafting visuals, interactions and embedding research and testing into my process – so I tend to just go with ‘Designer’ as a label.


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