Dr Boris Altemeyer

at Cognisess

About Dr Boris Altemeyer

Boris is a Business Psychologist, experienced in the fields of organisational design, personnel selection and career consulting. His specialist areas of expertise lie in applied research methods, data analytics, facial and emotional recognition, and technology acceptance.

As Head of the Research and Development team, he ensures that Cognisess remain at the forefront of Predictive People Analytics - helping enterprise customers use sophisticated data analysis paired with easy to understand and implement metrics to build and manage talent. Key areas of Boris’ work are organisational design, recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design and team collaboration.

Prior to joining Cognisess as Chief Scientific Officer in 2016, he was full-time lecturer in Business Psychology at the University of Westminster, focusing on research methods, negotiation and conflict resolution, facilitated decision making and organisational diagnostics.

Apart from extensive research into Technology Acceptance modelling and Technology Trust, Boris has worked on the behavioural aspects of designing wearable technology. This included data collection, modelling, and communication across multi-disciplinary teams in order to meet the actual performance requirements of the users – whether expressed or implicit.

He is a regular conference speaker (Digital Shoreditch, ABP Annual Conference, a.o.) and has authored and co-authored a number of publications and peer reviewed articles.

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