Andrew Eberlin

Owner at Brighter Side

About Andrew Eberlin

Andrew started Brighter Side in Bradford on Avon in 2006. We specialise in designing websites and email marketing strategies for entrepreneurial businesses and community organisations. We have worked with many of our clients for over ten years.

Like many of the people we work with, I run my own business. I know what it means to start from scratch and be proud of building it into a successful venture. Adapting to change, surmounting challenges and appreciating the successes is what keeps me fresh and enthusiastic. 

And constantly being curious... be it in our clients, or spending time keeping up to date with the latest trends. I enjoy learning new skills, collaborating with clever people and experimenting with new ideas so that the good ones can be shared.

Being part of the community is an important part of what makes me tick. I'm a keen photographer and a founding member of the BoA Photo Group who exhibit annually in the West Barn.

I chaired BoA Business between 2015-19. Transforming it from a stagnating Chamber of Commerce with 32 members to an active business network of over 500 businesses. The use of email marketing to communicate with the business community was central to its success. I led the team that has organised three successful BoA Business Awards. We averaged 3500 votes which helped raise the profile of many businesses within the area. Along with monthly business breakfasts, sold out Awards dinner, the group fostered a collaborative business community. 

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