Alicia Teagle

Founder and Co-Founder at Socially Responsible Recruitment

About Alicia Teagle

The Founder of Women Rock and Co-Founder of SR2.

SR2 stands for Socially Responsible Recruitment, with a double bottom line that measures our contribution to society as well as our monthly turnover figures. We are a community driven business that combines best practice in recruitment with customer service and integrity, honesty and transparency. We donate 5% of our profits to underrepresented charities in the South West as well as gifting our time in volunteering to support them in the field.

Women Rock - I have been a huge supporter for women in the tech scene but always felt I could do so much more, this is the start of my more.

There is some great stuff going on already in the South West and I want to use this platform to share and promote that. I am a woman in technology working in a male dominated environment, albeit in a slightly different way. I am creating a community of strong women in Bristol, a city that champions diversity and you're all invited to join!’


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