Eat. Learn. Develop. Repeat: Developer Talks

12pm - 1pm, Thursday 25th October 2018

  • Past Festival Event

We're talking about serverless development, security and mindfulness. Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

About this event

Come along in your lunch hour to listen to three developer lightning talks. Don’t forget to bring your lunch...


Dave Taylor – Serverless development

Serverless Framework is emerging as one of the most popular ways of deploying code to a serverless platform like AWS, Azure and Google. We'll look at the basics of what you need to know, and how to decide if it is right for your organisation.


Lawrence Taylor – Security and your website

We're busy writing up the details for this talk. Check back soon!


Arabella Tresillian – Mindfulness for Developers: Calmness for Coders - wellbeing in the tech workplace

The developer’s brain works hard. Billions of neurons hyperwire to enable the coder to think multidimensionally for hours a day, under complex deadlines, day after day. An understanding of what keeps the brain/mind fresh makes for a more fulfilling and productive career. This interactive session gives participants an overview of neuropsychology for the coding mind, and presents them with a go-to tool for keeping their workplace brain-state healthy, calm and balanced.



The Escape

The Escape, Abbey Hotel, North Parade, Bath, BA1 1LF

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