Digital Question Time - Tech Edition

6:30pm - 7:30pm, Thursday 25th October 2018

  • Past Festival Event

Digital technology is changing the way we live, love work, protest and event the way we vote. Join our live debate.

About this event

What is digital technology's impact on our lives?... on politics, work, social care?

Join the live debate this Thursday. 

Put your questions to our panel of leading technology experts and academics.

In this "Tech Edition" session we will be looking at the future of emerging technologies like AI, robotics, crypto-currencies and social media ... and their impact on the way we live, love, work, protest and even the way we vote.

Join us on Thursday 25 October at 6.30pm for a live debate on the real issues facing society in the digital age.

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Francis Hotel

Francis Hotel, 6-12 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HH

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