The Power of Data for Web Makers

2pm - 3:30pm, Friday 26th October 2018

  • Past Festival Event

Join us for the The Power of Data session at this web makers event, covering some of the most exciting developments in web design/development…

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This event is part of the 'All Dayer for Web Makers' event. Why not attend for the whole day?


Matt Curry - "Thank you for your custom, please come again" - Using Data to Achieve User Satisfaction in Ecommerce

In this session, Matt Curry from Lovehoney will talk through how data sells sex, how to move from user research to hypothesis and testing, how to plan a conversion strategy, looking beyond the data into customer motives and patterns, and how he's taken a Data Science driven approach to making a user's journey at Lovehoney truly satisfying.


Mike Brondbjerg - Using Data as a Creative Material

Your data – with its stories and characteristics – contains the features, textures, peaks and troughs of your endeavours and is bound uniquely to you. Using this data as the seed in your creative process allows you to produce data art, design and visualisation, that has the uniqueness and serendipity of your endeavours embedded within it.

Mike will look at how data, in one form or another, connects all of his projects and how he’s used it in very different ways.




Guildhall, High Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 5AW

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