Front-end Development Techniques for Web Makers

11:15am - 12:45pm, Friday 26th October 2018

Join us for the Front-end Development Techniques session at this web makers event, covering some of the most exciting developments in web design/development and user/customer experience today.

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This event is part of the 'All Dayer for Web Makers' event. Why not attend for the whole day?


Jack Franklin - A red LEGO brick is always red: components on the web

This talk will explore the changes that have occurred in the front end space in the past few years and how we’ve aligned on the concepts of components being the key building block for frontend applications.

We’ll discuss how thinking of a web application as a tree of components, rather than discrete pages, leads to a more testable, maintainable and reliable codebase. We’ll look at how we can build predictable components, encapsulating perfectly the triumvirate of HTML, CSS and JS that can be combined to build reusable components.

Using React as our component library of choice, we’ll look at patterns that lead you down the path of reusability almost by default and how to walk the fine line between reusability and death by configuration.

Then we’ll explore the final piece of the puzzle: CSS. CSS goes against everything the componentised world stands for but its global, cascading nature can be tamed. I’ll show different approaches to combining your CSS with your components in order to fully encapsulate a component into a lovely, reusable lego brick.


Michelle Barker - Super-powered Layouts with CSS Grid and CSS Variables

CSS Grid Layout has the ability to transform the way we build layouts on the web and has made things possible that were never possible before. This talk will provide an overview of the various methods for building layouts with CSS Grid and demonstrate how it can help us construct complex components.

Michelle will discuss how CSS Variables (custom properties) can bring even more power to our CSS and give us finer control over our responsive grids, and how these dynamic variables can be altered in CSS and Javascript to afford some exciting possibilities.


11:15am - 12:45pm, Friday 26th October 2018


Guildhall, High Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 5AW

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Guildhall, High Street, City Centre, Bath, BA1 5AW

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