What is the Difference Between a Chatbot and a Conversational A.I?

Tue 20th - Sat 24th October 2020

What is the difference and why in the world should we care? Join Phil as he explains more.

About this event

Phil is a very exciting chap and has spent many years of his life playing with computers, chatbots and A.I. There's no-one better to share his experience, thoughts and considerations for the future. 

Come along to this event and talk about:

  • Control and conversational A.I. 
  • Governance
  • Data science
  • Ethics
  • Who’s in control vs who’s responsible
  • Society and culture
  • Future relationship of humans and intelligent machines

Audience: You don't need to be a tech buff to attend this event. Anyone with a bit of interest and curiosity will find this topic extremely thought provoking. You'll definitely have questions. Luckily we've allowed for time at the end for you pick Phil's brains. 


Tue 20th - Sat 24th October 2020


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