New Frontiers in Digital Creativity

2pm - 5pm, Tuesday 23rd October 2018

  • Past Festival Event

Join designers from leading creative studios to learn how to craft killer digital experiences, get the best from your tools, and venture…

About this event

Presented in association with Creative Bloq, this afternoon of inspiring talks will bring together designers from leading studios to explore what's new in digital creativity. These talks will uncover what branding looks like in the digital era, offer advice for connecting with your audiences and getting the best from your tools, and show you how to bag a job with a top creative agency.


Here's the schedule in full:

2pm: Nick Ellis (Halo) – Trust your Instincts, not your Audience

In a world driven by data, how do we find the gold in a sea of black and white? It’s time to look beyond audience demographics and pen portraits and get back to hypothesis and testing in the wild. In this talk, Nick will ask us to break out of the gilded cages we’ve made with data in a search for creatively driven ideas, built on brand thinking; for experiences that surprise and engage, rather than tick boxes. Remember, you’ll never break new ground from the middle of the road.


2.30pm: Jamie Ellul (Supple Studio) – Dig It All

Jamie takes us through his varied career. He’ll talk about how saying yes to projects in sectors you know nothing about leads you to become a better designer and to working with great collaborators. Inspiration and work come from all sorts of places – you’ve got to just be open to it all.


3pm: Ben Steers (Fiasco Design) – Passion projects with plenty of punch

In 2016, Fiasco Design created an interactive map of the Rio Olympics. In this talk, co-founder Ben will take a look back at how that landmark passion project provided a platform for the studio to experiment and learn, and lead to client work including a recent interactive 3D map for a luxury eco-resort in Mexico.


- 15 minute break -


3.45pm: Ed Robin (Mytton Williams) – Peoples

Mytton Williams has been working on branding projects in Bath for 20 years. In his talk, Ed will share the secrets to building a great brand identity, and reveal why working with the right people – whether that's clients, colleagues or collaborators – is everything.


4.15pm: Kate Gorringe (Mr B and Friends) – Two Tribes

This talk takes a practical look into the battle being played out in design agencies between creative and digital. Kate will explore how we can better understand discipline-based friction, and how both tribes can learn to get over it.



BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1BA

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