Making Census of Bath's Transport Problems

3pm - 4pm, Saturday 21st October 2017

  • Past Festival Event

Learn about the city of Bath's travel behaviours, the implications and possible solutions using Census 2011 transport flow data.

About this event

Did you know Bath is the most walkable city in England and Wales? Census 2011 "Location of usual residence and place of work by method of travel to work" data has been used by councils for transport planning for many years at a county and regional level but very little analysis has been done at city, town, or even ward level.

Adam will demonstrate how the same data can be used to provide insightful knowledge about the city of Bath analysing travel behaviour around the city wards as well as looking at commuter travel into the city from outside the city boundaries.

Adam will discuss in detail the implications of this analysis in future transport planning be it walking, cycling, cars, buses, trains, or even trams. He will also present a number of transport solutions for Bath.


Bath College

Bath College, Avon Street, Bath, BA1 1UP

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