The Future of Work - Putting the Human Back into Human Resources

12pm - 1pm, Tuesday 20th October 2020

COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the workplace. How can we make the most of this opportunity and put the human back into HR.

About this event

COVID-19 has presented significant workplace challenges and organisations had to rapidly adapt to unprecedented change.  There is an opportunity to evolve and create better, lasting change. The employee experience and workplace culture are key to creating an environment where both people and organisations can achieve their best. How can we adapt working practices and develop new ways of working?

In conversation, Polly and Jane will cover:

  • The importance of belonging and inclusion in organisations
  • Culture that will work and trust in organisations.
  • How businesses can support their people now that most are having to work remotely.


12pm - 1pm, Tuesday 20th October 2020


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