Parenting in Today's Digital Age

Saturday 26th October 2019

Chapter Forty Four

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A participative, coaching-led talk that invites parents to reflect on the digital world that their children are growing up in and how best to navigate their way through it. The idea is to first get parents thinking about their own relationship with digital media (after all, our children learn from us, so we need to become aware of our own behaviours), and then to better understand what's going on for their children.

Putting the two elements together, participants are then encouraged to come up with their own 'action plan' - one or two steps they can take to improve their parenting in today's digital age.

The aim is also to get parents thinking about the positive aspects of digital, not just the negative: too often parents see screen-time as the 'enemy' and something they need to battle with, rather than embracing it and finding ways in which it can play a positive role in family life. 




Saturday 26th October 2019