Nourishment for Optimal Energy - How to Achieve and Maintain the Optimal Energy Throughout the Day

1pm - 1:45pm, Friday 25th October 2019


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If you are busy, have a demanding professional life, hold a leadership role, if you need more energy, less stress, if you need more power and better health, this talk can help you. The choices we make everyday about food and lifestyle, not only shape our body and influence our mind, they ultimately affect our professional and personal life.

Monica will be giving a talk on how to keep optimal energy levels throughout the working day. The content will be focusing on the best eating style to adopt, food choices, nutrients, habits, routines, stress reduction and more. So whether you sit behind a computer all day, go from meeting to meeting or just want to improve your general health then come along and hear how you can improve.


1pm - 1:45pm, Friday 25th October 2019


Apex Hotel, James St W, Bath, BA1 2DA

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Apex Hotel

Apex Hotel, James St W, Bath, BA1 2DA

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