How to Make a Mind

10am - 12pm, Saturday 21st October 2017

Children 11+ can have fun with games and activities that explore a future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - what it is, how to use it and the impact on our lives.

About this event

“With nearly 50% of current jobs at risk from computerisation by 2030, today’s school age children will enter a highly-disrupted world of work. A key driver of this disruption is Artificial Intelligence (AI) – one of the main technologies behind the automation of ‘thinking-work’. Through games and practical activities, children will be given an introductory understanding of AI, ideas for how to use it, and an appreciation of the ethical and social dilemmas that AI will generate.”   

The goal of the workshop is to develop the understanding and critical thinking skills that not only support specific curriculum-based learning goals, but start to prepare children for a future where AI will have significant impact on their lives.


Key workshop activities include:

- Analysing the mechanics of learning

- Distinguish between a mind and a brain

- Rank object intelligence in a game

- Build a ‘human neural network’ in a game

- Answer the question – “can machines think”?


Topics include:

How neurons work

- Ethics and AI

- Statistics and probability

- Data representation and interpretation

- Reasoning

- Metacognition

- Digital Systems

- Data and Information

- Creating Digital Solutions


This workshop is for secondary and upper-primary students, teachers and senior leaders, especially those whose responsibilities include STEM.


10am - 12pm, Saturday 21st October 2017


Bath College, Avon Street, Bath, BA1 1UP

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Bath College

Bath College, Avon Street, Bath, BA1 1UP

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