Stupid Cities: Using Digital Technology to Improve Social Equality in our Cities

5pm - 6pm, Wednesday 21st October 2020

About this event

Many of us already move seamlessly between digital and physical worlds in our day-to-day life. From Google Maps, to wearable technology, to playing Pokémon Go in the park; digital technology can make things easier, more enjoyable and more accessible. Of course, if it’s not done right, digital technology can also make things more confusing, alienating or overwhelming.

Stupid Cities aims to improve the social equality of our cities by using placemaking tools to highlight how their current design creates disability. 

Ruby and Joe will talk about their project, what they’ve done and why, addressing:

-          The gaps in city planning 

-          The difficulties of getting around a city as a disabled person

-          Data mapping

-          Adaptations during project delivery due to Covid restrictions

Stupid Cities is a Digital Placemaking prototype funded by Bristol+Bath Creative R+D part of the Creative Industries Clusters Programme managed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy



5pm - 6pm, Wednesday 21st October 2020


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