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Thursday Events

2017/18 event

The Psychology of Digital

Psychology influences what we create, why we create it, how we see and experience it, and give psychological meaning to "all digital". A whistle-stop tour through the quirks and challenges that psychology imparts on our fast-evolving digita

21st October  /  11am - 12pm
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2017/18 event


If you are inspired by the hills, valleys or woods; come and walk with us and connect with like-minds. No agendas, just clear open space for thinking, connection and exploring possibilities for a 1/2 day in and around the Bath Countryside.

21st October  /  12:30pm - 3:30pm
15 spaces remaining
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2017/18 event

Those 3 Little Words

Community connection and collaboration - Why, post covid, this is more important than ever and how we can help our high street, help people #lovewheretheylive and work together to break new anti social habits via tech & real life interactions.

21st October  /  2pm - 3pm
12 spaces remaining
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