Social Advertising for Nonprofits: Discussion on Best Practices and Challenges

2pm - 3pm, Friday 22nd October 2021

About this event

Anastasia Nikolic, Brevio's Campaign Manager, is running a round table discussion covering topics including:

  • What is paid advertising?
  • How can┬ánon-profits use it effectively to target a specific or┬áreach a wider audience?
  • What challenges are non-profits facing post-pandemic using social media and how can they overcome them?

This session is for any non-profits that would like to share their challenges of using paid social, or those that would like to learn more about using it more effectively in their future marketing plans.

About the session:

Brevio's mission is to support non-profits, and due to the pandemic, the vast majority of organisations have had to quickly adapt and become more reliant on their digital marketing strategy. Moreover, increasing barriers of face to face and event fundraising, have significantly changed the way non-profits now have to raise awareness. Social media usage and engagement has also changed drastically during the pandemic, with 42% of consumers globally saying they now spend longer on social media because of the coronavirus outbreak. With this growth, great efforts have been put on paid social advertising efforts from all type of organisations, which over these 18months has delivered even higher returns on investment according to the advertising engines then pre-pandemic. With engagement levels looking like they are here to stay - it's even more important for non-profits to be implementing this into their digital strategy.


2pm - 3pm, Friday 22nd October 2021


BRLSI BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1BA

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BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1BA

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