Why Respecting your Customer’s Privacy Makes Ethical Sense and Good Business Sense

12pm - 1pm, Thursday 22nd October 2020

About this event

You are being watched.

You are the product.

Your every move on the internet is tracked, recorded and used to advertise back to you. 

There is a spy pixel on almost every website you visit, every marketing email you open and every social media post you view. Trackers that follow you around the internet, decide what you should see (good and bad) and promote stuff they think you want. 

But there is change afoot. 

Antitrust committees in the US and the EU have started investigating the monopolies and behaviour of The Big Four (Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon). Big Tech is fast becoming the tobacco of our age.

Your customers are waking up to this invasion of their privacy. They are annoyed by cookie banners, they find ads that follow them around the internet a bit creepy and are suspicious of certain social media posts that appear in their timeline.

There are privacy focused alternatives to Google Analytics. It is possible to remove cookie banners from your website and comply with GDPR. You can use pay per click adverts without invading people’s privacy. You can get to know your customers better without reams of data.

This talk will help you get ahead of the game both as an individual and as a business. It will help you respect your customer’s privacy and build a more sustainable business model. 

It will show you that there is a different way. 


12pm - 1pm, Thursday 22nd October 2020


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