The Need for Humane Tech

Thursday 24th October 2019


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The main driver for the session is to discuss how (more than ever) we need to create technology
that is not just focused on humans, but is humane.

I’ll start by looking at how we have ended up using (and designing) technology which constrains
and manipulates behaviour. Also at how getting stuff for free online (maps, music, social media
etc.) has been the most expensive cost to humans for around 75 years. Also how we are moving
towards businesses such as Facebook and Google knowing us better than we really know
ourselves. We’ll also look at how this creation of addictive tech could impact individuals,
businesses and society over the next few years.

We’ll look at some practical ‘in-humane’ examples that can be easily overlooked (such as from
Netflix, Uber and and also specifically at Amazon and how Alexa is not (and never
was seen as) a voice tool to make life easier but rather a data gathering mechanism.
We’ll also look to have an open discussion on everyone’s thoughts – positive and negative on the
influence of tech and what we think should and can be done.

Finally, I'll present some thoughts on a new way, a better future - where we can take the
somewhat nefarious way that these companies track us and gather data and use this for a more
humane and inclusive web and digital world. I'll highlight this with practical examples of
businesses that are making a success out of turning data stalking into data enablement.


Thursday 24th October 2019


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