Winning with Video: The Fear, The Content, The Execution

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Beyond The Brand

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Anyone can make a video but not everyone can create lead generating, brand building, customer focused videos that grow an audience and make sales. 

Winning with Video: The Fear, The Content, The Execution is the talk that will ensure you walk away with the understanding of why so many of us fear the camera and what we can do about it, how we can create great on-brand customer focused content with ease and what we can do with these great videos once they are made

This is an eye opening talk, fun, jovial and jargon free. With practical tasks that will change your video game for good

Book on and take that leap into video

The Fear

Let's look at the fear of the camera, what stops people from picking up their phone and recording an inspirational piece about their business that will bring them leads and growth. A deep dive into the psychology of what holds us back. How we can get out of our own way. What we are missing if we don't use it but what we can gain if we do

The Content

What does your audience want from you? How can you give them exactly what they want and find your place as the go to business/individual. Take away easy tips to creating appealing content for your business.

The Execution

With confidence and content in the bag what can you be doing to best utilise your ideas. How long do you need to create great video content? Should it be live? Pre-recorded? What platforms are hot right now? How do you reach your audience? What apps should I use?  


What burning questions can I answer?


Tuesday 22nd October 2019