Using Email Marketing to Turn Potential Customers into Happy Customers

9am - 10am, Tuesday 20th October 2020

Be imaginative and use email as a successful marketing tool. Learn how to build a community around your email newsletters and deliver long-term, sustainable business growth.

About this event

The average email open rate is 18%. That means 82% of people have taken the trouble to sign up for a newsletter and now ignore it. What a wanton waste of one of the most important marketing assets any business owns.

Why do so many email campaigns lack imagination? Because too many businesses see them as a selling tool and not much more. Because businesses spend too little time thinking about how they can be interesting, give value to their readers and build a community. 

This talk will explain how to build a community around your email newsletters which will help deliver long-term and sustainable business growth. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Why use email as a marketing tool.
  • Setting objectives.
  • Understanding your readers.
  • Building and growing a community (not an email list).
  • The customer journey.
  • Writing headlines and content.
  • Calls to action.
  • Timing and other tips.


Audience: This event is for those who already have a basic knowledge and use email marketing, but are looking for encouragement and ideas to get more out of it. 


9am - 10am, Tuesday 20th October 2020


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