Digital Living - Why it's Important to Have a Purpose Driven Strategy and how to Promote it on Social Media

10am - 11am, Wednesday 20th October 2021

About this event

When we build or join purpose-driven companies that inspire, the potential to improve the world is limitless. Being part of a purpose-driven business, especially in technology, matters more today than ever before. We know that with purpose, a company can create positive value that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

This talk will focus on how you can build a purpose-driven strategy for your business and use social platforms to promote it to existing and potential customers. Too many businesses get stuck with a social media presence that isn’t truly representative of who they are and it’s never too late to change things up and make things better. We’ll be looking at what it means to be purpose-driven, ways to collide to become purpose-driven plus some tools and top tips to support you on your journey.


10am - 11am, Wednesday 20th October 2021


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