Break Down Barriers Online by Making your Social Media Content More Accessible

2pm - 3pm, Wednesday 20th October 2021

About this event

With the pandemic, unexpectedly many disabled and chronically-ill people's access needs collided with abled people needs. Things like remote work, online participation and socialising, that we had been told were impossible, were suddenly possible. Sharing digital space also raised awareness of areas of digital inaccessibility and more people have been have been making an effort to make their social media content accessible and social media companies have introduced more accessibility features.

This workshop will focus on some simple ways to start making your social media more accessible to those with various disabilities and conditions, including visual impairments, D/deaf hard of hearing, dyslexia, colour-blindness and cognitive difficulties.

We will look at writing and adding alt text descriptions to your images, generating, editing and uploading captions, as well as looking at the design and accessibility of your social media content and some resources and next steps to consider.

All users of social media welcome, whether you use it for work or pleasure. Please bring a device to try things out on your social media, a laptop would be useful as unfortunately some social media accessibility features aren’t available on mobile devices yet.


2pm - 3pm, Wednesday 20th October 2021


BRLSI BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1BA

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BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 1BA

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