Technology Solutions for Business - Reducing Human-to-Human Contact During a Global Pandemic.

12:15pm - 1pm, Thursday 22nd October 2020

About this event

2020 has transformed how businesses monitor the interactions that take place between their products, staff, customers and partners. Join MiTEQ to understand how tactical technology adoption can efficiently manage your assets and limit human contact, from warehouses to offices and across both the online and in-store customer interactions. MiTEQ provides innovative and holistic mobile technology solutions that can be used, both at scale and tactically, to improve efficiency and safety within organisations and businesses. Hosted by Alex Whiting, Managing Director of MiTEQ, and Mark Jolley from partner organisation Zebra Technologies.  

Alex and Mark will cover: 

  • Solving business problems through technology adoption 
  • Example technologies that can support businesses during a global pandemic 
  • Supporting advice for retail, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics and manufacturing industries  
  • How to adopt tactical technology solutions that also deliver ROI 


12:15pm - 1pm, Thursday 22nd October 2020


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