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19th October 2021

2017/18 event

Forest of Imagination

Co-founders of Forest of Imagination, Andrew Grant and Dr Penny Hay will share learning from the Forest of Imagination 2014-21 alongside Andrew Amondson, Berlin based artist and film maker and designer of the Living Tree at the Egg theatre.

19th October  /  11:30am - 12:30pm
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2017/18 event

Be Curious, be Creative.

This talk will offer an explanation of creativity and why we all have the potential to be creative. It will show you examples of where to go when you want to be inspired. How to borrow ideas, mix them up and make something new.

19th October  /  5pm - 6pm
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Day 2


20th October 2021

Day 3


21st October 2021

2017/18 event

The Psychology of Digital

Psychology influences what we create, why we create it, how we see and experience it, and give psychological meaning to "all digital". A whistle-stop tour through the quirks and challenges that psychology imparts on our fast-evolving digita

21st October  /  11am - 12pm
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2017/18 event


If you are inspired by the hills, valleys or woods; come and walk with us and connect with like-minds. No agendas, just clear open space for thinking, connection and exploring possibilities for a 1/2 day in and around the Bath Countryside.

21st October  /  12:30pm - 3:30pm
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2017/18 event

Those 3 Little Words

Community connection and collaboration - Why, post covid, this is more important than ever and how we can help our high street, help people #lovewheretheylive and work together to break new anti social habits via tech & real life interactions.

21st October  /  2pm - 3pm
12 spaces remaining
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Day 4


22nd October 2021