Your £15 🎫 festival pass = full & fair access

Just £15 gives you access to 6 full days of amazing events. This is how it works...

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Jim Morrison

27th August 2019

All-you-can-eat access for only £15!

Is that really all it costs to attend the whole festival?

Yes.  Bath Digital Festival is a registered Charity and is only interested in putting on an amazing festival this year, and working to secure the festival's future.  While it costs a lot of money we've carefully balanced the funding of the festival between three different types of sponsorship and a small contribution of £15 from all attendees.

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Discover the breadth of this year's line-up

We're working hard to curate the best festival yet and we're extremely excited to share more information on what you can expect to see at the festival this year. 

Can I definitely go to every event?

Um. No. This is how your festival pass works...

For some events, demand is expected exceed capacity so we have developed a fair and equitable model for managing demand for over-subscribed events.  

For all events there will be a proportion of first-come first-served seats available - so if you really want to get to an event, it pays to register early.  

Registration for the event will then stay open and we will collect the names of all those who would like to attend.

In the run-up to the festival, confirmed places for any event that is over-subscribed will be selected at random from all those who have registered.  Make sure you add to your email address book - because if you miss the email allocating you a seat it may get re-allocated.

When do you take my money?

You won't be charged until your place is confirmed.

Don't worry - if you try to register for an event and we can't confirm your place right away then we won't charge you for your festival pass.  Your card will be charged either if you win a place later - and confirm that you still want it - or if you register for another event where your place can be confirmed... whichever comes first.  You will only ever be charged once and you will always be asked for confirmation before the transaction is completed.

NB - Early-bird tickets are the exception. If you register for an early-bird ticket before August 28 you will have been charged right away.

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How do I manage my life and my festival?

Once you've registered for your first event you'll have access to a dashboard here, on this website, where you can manage your festival.  Here you'll be able to see what you've registered for, where seats have been confirmed.

Confirming lottery seats for busy events is a two way street.  If you win a seat you will be asked to confirm that you're still able to attend - so pay attention to your email.  If you don't confirm your seat then after a few days it will be offered out to someone else.

Can I do more to help?

Yes please! – Spend more money or volunteer your time.

Absolutely.  We need help in lots of ways.  

If the company you work for can support us through sponsorship or support us through bulk ticket purchasing then please get in touch​.

Money isn't all we need - we also need an entire army of volunteers to manage the huge line-up we're currently curating.  We have received over 150 offers for events and speakers (with more late entries coming in every day) so our ability to realise the potential of all of that content is tied to your ability to support us on the day.  Please give your time generously if you can.

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Any questions?

I have questions.  Who do I ask?

If you have any questions, please help us to help everyone by asking your question in the comments below - as concisely as possible.  We will add our answers to this page and let you know when we've answered - and this will help those who come after you wondering the same thing.

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