Wondering why our sponsors are supporting this year? #BDF2019

The festival is only possible because of our sponsors, we asked them why they decided to sponsor this year!

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20th September 2019


Category sponsor - Digital Talent


"Altran is delighted to be supporting this year’s Bath Digital Festival. As a global engineering and technology organisation with a key presence in Bath, we are keen to support the career development of future engineers; help them understand the various career paths and tackle any barriers they may face. This is why we’re sponsoring the Digital Talent category. During the week, we’ll be showcasing some of the fascinating technologies existing in the world today and talking to attendees about the various career routes available to becoming an engineer – whether they’ve recently left school or decided on a career change."

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"Claritum is supporting Bath Digital Festival as part of the Bath business community, to benefit Bath and Southwest businesses and communities. Engaging and financially supporting this educational and developmental initiative that covers a wide range of technologies and their impact on businesses and society in general."

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Evident Agency

"As a company that has had its roots in the South West from its inception, it is great to see the digital community develop and events like Bath Digital Festival are the foundation of that.  Evident’s growth has now led us to expand and open an office in the Bath area. Sponsoring the Bath Digital Festival allows us to engage with the emerging and existing talent and the wider creative/innovative community."

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Mayden Academy 

"Mayden Academy are all about helping people get into tech, so we are always delighted to be involved with Bath Digital Festival. It offers a huge variety of events for people at all levels of experience, from total beginner to company director, and the quality of speakers is always fantastic. If you want to be inspired, informed, and introduced to new ideas, you can't do better."

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Real Time Consultants

“Members of our team attended the Bath Digital Festival last year and after experiencing the great talks and workshops on offer, we were keen to have more of an involvement in the next festival.

 As a Bristol-based business, we love to help out with the local tech community and feel it’s important to support events that act as a platform for people to tell their stories, mentor the future generation and share their passion for the digital sector. 

 We are proud to support BDF2019 and are excited to see how our contribution can make a positive impact.”

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"Various team members attended the Bath Digital Festival last year and we were very impressed. As a leading digital marketing agency in the South West we like to actively support the digital sector in the region when we can, so we're delighted to be sponsoring the Festival this year." 

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RIVIAM Digital Care

“RIVIAM Digital Care is an innovative and fast-growing digital health company with exciting plans. This is our second year sponsoring the Bath Digital Festival and we’re really happy to be part of it. It’s a great way to connect with other leading digital organisations in the area and celebrate how secure cloud technology is transforming the future delivery of health and social care in this region and across the UK.” 

Paul Targett, Managing Director, RIVIAM Digital Care

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University of Bath

"We are very excited to be supporting Bath Digital Festival, and to get the opportunity to be part of an event that promotes knowledge sharing in such a rapidly changing and evolving digital world. We are pleased to be able to meet the digital and tech innovators of Bath and to join such an innovative and inspiring community."

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