We're looking for people to speak and host events.

Got an event idea or something to talk about? We want to hear from you. Submissions are open until 30 June!

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20th May 2020

Fancy speaking or hosting an event?

Get involved in Bath Digital Festival 2020!

From 20 May, we're launching submissions for #BDF2020. If you've got something interesting and exciting to share or something creative to show off we'd love to hear from you. 

You can do a talk on your own, we can match you with other speakers or you can host your very own event. You might want to set up an exhibit, or showcase something in our Festival Hub - we're open to ideas. The world is your oyster!

To give you an idea of the kind of content we're looking for, we've split the festival in to 12 categories, with each topic listed below. Each category will cover events for newbies to experts, young and old, personal, business and techie so, any pitch or level is appropriate. 

If your idea is only just forming and you're not sure where to go or need a chat first, that's fine. Hit the button below to give us a call or send us a message.

Get in touch!
Events for everyone

Events for everyone

Events for people of all ages, professions and interests

​​​​​​​Digital Talent
Skills, Talent, Learning, Culture, Diversity

Digital Living
​​​​​​​Environment, Ethics, Health, Sustainability, Accessibility & Third Sector

Digital Arts
Arts, Performance, Gaming, Animation, Motion & Textiles

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Events for your work-life

Explore the future of work in the digital age

Digital Business
Digital Transformation, E-commerce, IP, Law & Finance

Digital Entrepreneurs
Funding, Start-ups, Scaling & Product Development

Digital Ethics
Cyber Security, Data, GDPR, Ethics, Privacy & Trust

Digital Content
Content Strategy, Social Media, Storytelling, Blogging & Comms

Digital Marketing
​​​​​​​Data Science, Analytics, SEM, SEO, Brand, Advertising

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Events for technophiles

Discover new skills, technologies & expertise

Digital Experience
Web Design, UX, UI & Customer Experience 

Digital Builders
Web Development, Creative Coding, JS, CSS & Web Tech 

Digital Engineering
DevOps, Coding, Machine Learning & AI

Digital World
3D & 3D Print, Haptics, VR, AR, Robotics, Innovative technology

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What's the process?

Here's what you need to do

  • Register your interest through the link πŸ‘‡
  • You will then get an email inviting you to submit your talk idea πŸ“©
  • We will be reviewing your ideas as they come through until submissions close on 30 June. We will try to respond as soon as possible but this process can take a few weeks so please be patient.
  • Please note that we might not be able to confirm a day or time for your session when we accept a talk.
Get Involved ➜

20 May, Submissions open πŸ—³ 


30 June, Deadline for 1st round of submissions ⏲


20 October, BDF2020 kicks off!

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