Third Thursday - March 2020 - We're going virtual! 🦠

Third Thursday is going virtual. Get involved.

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12th March 2020

Thursday: We're going virtual! 🦠

To keep everyone safe, we're moving online. 😷

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision not to hold an in-person Third Thursday event in March. 

Current indications are that cases will have increased 8-fold by Thursday 19th and we feel that it is unlikely that a face-to-face networking event would be prudent in these circumstances.

Chat: How can tech help in this crisis?

Join us in our new BDFTT WhatsApp Group

We traditionally pose a question for everyone to consider at our Third Thursday events.

Our March question is: How can tech help people during this pandemic?

To facilitate the discussion, without meeting in person, we've created a WhatsApp group which you're all invited to join.

Feel free to come and say "Hi 👋" - or simply join and lurk and listen to what others are saying. Everybody is most welcome.

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News: Stay up-to-date

OneSub's Mobile News Dashboard

You may not know that much of the BDF team spends the rest of their year working on creating a better news application. 

As the coronavirus epidemic has spread that team has tried to put our firehose of global news data to good use in creating a mobile dashboard to keep you up-to-date on the move. 

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how it can be improved and we will pass them on.

News Dashboard ➜

Open: Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Join 100's of scientists & techies online...

If you want to get involved in collaborating with other likeminded folk from around the globe, in collecting data, research, modelling, working-from-home practices, the fight against misinformation etc. then we would recommend that you check out the CoronavirusTechHandbook project headed up by Newspeak House in London.

The handbook is a collection of open documents, populated by hundreds of technologists, researchers, scientists and medics from around the world. 

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