Third Thursday - April 2020

Third Thursday is going virtual. Get involved.

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16th April 2020

Grab your phone or laptop and join us this Thursday, 16 April, for our monthly Third Thursday, the virtual version.

Last months WhatsApp chat worked so well that we're going to continue with the same format. If you haven't already joined the group, here's the button so you can do it now.

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The Schedule

Here's what we have planned.

6:00pm - Our guest speaker has recorded a talk for us. We'll share the link via the WhatsApp group so you can watch before the main discussion starts. This might be a good time to get your favourite tipple or a nice warm cuppa ready. 

6:30pm - BDFTT WhatsApp chat begins. We'll launch with a question to set the theme for the evening, our guest speaker will be online to chat about their talk and, the floor is yours to chat and make connections.

8/8:30pm - BDF hosts will exit the chat but the platform will still be open for you to continue conversations.

The BDFTT Handbook

Your open resource for collaboration.

Throughout the conversation, make sure you add your comments and useful links or tools to the Third Thursday handbook. This is your group resource for shared thoughts and experiences on the themes discussed at each event. You can access the handbook at any time to write or read.

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Our guest speaker - Dave Webb!

This month's discussion question 🤔

Bath's Digital Talent Challenge - how do we tackle it?

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