The Festival Breakdown 2017

We're working hard to curate the best festival yet and we're extremely excited to share more information on what you can expect to see at the festival this year.

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Jess Docherty

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15th June 2017

Tech for everyone

17th-22nd October

With just over 4 months left to go until the festival begins we're pleased to share with you a breakdown of the day's themes. We will continue to accept speaker and event submissions until 30th June so if you've got an idea for an event that would fit perfectly into one the days below - get your application in today! 

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We'll start to announce our official event line-up soon, in the meantime you can grab a festival wristband for just £10 (33% off) if you buy before August 15th.

Digital creativity

Tuesday 17th

The digital creativity day will help festival-goers to hone their creative skills and experiment with new ways of being creative in a digital world. We’ll showcase local creative enterprise and debate the importance of creative skills in a world destined to be dominated by mathematics.

Digital working

Wednesday 18th 

The digital landscape is evolving; no more so than in the workplace. During our digital working day we’ll discuss and aim to resolve the key challenges facing businesses across the South West. We’ll offer advice on more effective ways of working and how to keep ahead of the digital curve in business. We’ll also include practical workshops to help you implement and automate your repetitive business processes. 

Digital for good

Thursday 19th 

The digital for good day will showcase those in the community who are using technology to create opportunity where once there was none, it will connect digital technology with entrepreneurs ready to change the world and provide a forum where common problems associated with digital for good projects can be tackled by the whole community. 

Digital intelligence

Friday 20th 

The digital intelligence day will celebrate the digital talent in the South West. We’ll share new ways of working and run practical events to help people work smarter in the digital economy. Digital leaders will come together to discuss and debate the more complex and intricate reaches of current-day technology like AI, robotics, MR and VR. 

Digital future

Saturday 21st

Our digital future day will explore the social, political and technical challenges our future holds and consider how we can ensure the best outcome for the next generation. Join us in the digital playground to for hands on events the whole family can enjoy and learn from.  

Digital lives

Sunday 22nd 

Our lives and homes are constantly being rewired for the digital age. Our digital lives day will help people of all ages get to grips with new tech. Join us to explore how technology, the Internet of Things and social media are shaping our relationships, personal lives and homes.  

It's your festival!

Get involved with this year's festival by submitting your ideas before 30th June.  

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