Starting a new adventure in health technology

Lynsay shares her story about embracing new roles and industries. She is now with RIVIAM as the Business Development Lead

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21st September 2021

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." – Anthony J. D'Angelo  

Over the years, I've seen many friends and family remain in the same career for decades. Many still feel happy; however, many feel uninspired and drained doing the same tasks day in and day out. Nevertheless, they stick with it, not because they are incapable of doing other roles but because of the fear that change can bring and the worry that the skills they have attained over the years are not transferable.  I have enjoyed many fascinating roles to date, and now having joined RIVIAM Digital Care, I am delighted to start my next adventure in health technology.

British Airways PLC

Being naturally a people person, I have always enjoyed interacting with others and building strong working relationships. Customer service was a natural start to my working career. I joined British Airways PLC in Cabin Services and travelled internationally for 15 years. Working for a large corporation was a great experience, and even although I lived my life in a constant state of jetlag, it didn't dampen my entrepreneurial spirit.

Business Owner

I had always aspired to own and operate my own business, so I bought a run-down accommodation business and transformed it into a top performer on Trip Advisor. I was responsible for all aspects of the company, from daily operations to sales and marketing. I owned this business for seven years and sold it on to another hotelier for a profit.

Event Manager

Not long after, I joined the team at Visit Bath, the Destination Marketing Organisation for the City of Bath. I was employed in the Events Department, working on delivering the national award-winning Bath Christmas Market. I especially enjoyed working in this role and discovered my passion for learning many new IT and marketing skills. I was responsible for the Bath Christmas Market sales and key stakeholder communications, particularly with local authorities, third sector organisations, residents groups and local businesses.

Journey to IT

One of my main digital projects at Visit Bath was to transform Bath Christmas Market application process. For years we had used paper applications and excel spreadsheets which soaked up too much time and resources. So I worked closely with developers to move to online forms and build a bespoke CRM database integrated with existing Visit Bath systems. I found this digital transformation project exciting to see first-hand how technology can save teams so much time, improve efficiencies and improve customer service.

During the pandemic, I was inspired by our NHS, health and social care providers, third sector staff, and volunteers who offered phenomenal support to the most vulnerable in our community. So I felt compelled to get involved in healthcare. I found that Bath and North East Somerset Council, Virgincare and 3SG, our local lead third sector organisation, set up the Community Wellbeing Hub. RIVIAM Wellbeing Service is the digital platform used at the Community Wellbeing Hub that connects this unique partnership of public, private, and third sector organisations collaborating to coordinate better care delivery throughout the county.

RIVIAM Digital Care

When I was asked to join RVIAM Digital Care as Business Development Lead for RIVIAM Wellbeing Service, I could instantly see that the team were passionate about improving peoples lives through digital innovation. So I was thrilled to accept the opportunity. RIVIAM Wellbeing Service supports local authorities, third sector organisations, and health and social care organisations to work collaboratively, illustrating how digital innovations can transform patient care.

RIVIAM Digital Care is a proud sponsor and supporter of Bath Digital Festival 2021. This year we are looking forward to hosting our health tech event. We are delighted to be hosting an online event on one of the dates during Bath Digital Festival from 19th -23rd October. Further details on the event and how to join in will be announced shortly.

For further information, please visit our website RIVIAM Digital Care or, If you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation, please email

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