Q&A with our sponsor, Ashfords

We spoke with Chris, Hannah and Suzie from Ashfords, one of this years BDF sponsors, to find out more about what Ashfords does and how they use technology.

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Becky Rock-Evans

19th October 2020

Chris Sutoto

Tell us about Ashfords and what you do

Ashfords is a national firm dedicated to providing quality legal and regulatory services.

Our drive for quality sits at the heart of all we do; combining legal expertise, commercial experience and our wider network to help our clients achieve their goals. To many clients, we are more than lawyers, we are professional advisers, mentors, problem-solvers they can count on.

Above all, we believe that every client should expect and receive value for time and value for money. Which means that we always aim to provide advice that is not just technically sound, but that is grounded in our understanding of your world.

We are widely recognised for the quality of our technology sector advice and understanding. Our team of lawyers are specialists in the sector so we are able to offer experienced, pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for any project.

Hannah Pettit

What are your main cliental?

Ashfords works with many different kinds of clients in the technology sector – business owners, investors, public sector, large corporates and not for profit organisations – to help them make the most of their opportunities, whilst effectively managing risk. We pride ourselves on supporting companies as they grow and are commercially attuned to our clients, giving advice that is rooted in a wider appreciation of the our clients’ market.

We have great experience advising fast growth companies and large organisations on investment and acquisition activity, software, hardware, maintenance and support contracts, escrow, cloud solutions and NFC (near field communication) agreements. We also have expertise in prepayment, smart meter and online payment and processing solutions.

Suzie Miles

How do you incorporate and utilise technology in your business and what do you think is the future of technology in legal sector?

As with most business we are constantly reviewing what tech we use. We have invested a lot in communication and collaboration tools which have made the transition to home working during the pandemic fairly seamless. We also deploy virtual datarooms and contract management tools (with machine learning features) to improve our collaboration and service quality. 

Most of the technology we currently use is to facilitate our ways of working rather than undertaking legal tasks. Legal technology is a hot topic in our industry and there is a lot of development using automation and machine learning in the sector. The cost savings and efficiencies that these developments bring will enable us to focus on delivering greater value. 

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