Our flagship event: Digital Question Time 🤯

Do you have burning questions about where technology is taking society? We got together as a team, and asked our brilliant audience, and the response was phenomenal. If a little chilling…

Am I going to be chased down the street by a robot in ten years?

Will taxi drivers even have jobs next year?

Will my kid have a job when they graduate? Should they even bother with University?

Is technology changing too fast for everyone to catch up with? 

Will all human interaction eventually be removed from my day?

Are mobile phones more addictive than cigarettes?

Join our Digital Question Time event to debate the real issues facing our local area and digital technology's impact on improving the lives in our community.

We’re thrilled to bring a series of some of the UK’s most prestigious technology experts together for not one, but three awesome Digital Question Time events. Taking place throughout the day on Thursday 25th October, you can still get your seat here:

Digital Question Time, Tech Edition (6.30pm 25th October)
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Digital Question Time, Work Edition (2.30pm 25th October)
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Digital Question Time, Student Edition (11am 25th October)
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We’re super excited for this event, so we’ve made extra tickets available to cope with demand. In this one-hour session we will take four questions from the floor so if you have a question you would like to pose to our panel of digital, social and community experts please email your question to bdfqt@bathdigitalfestival.co.uk.

Your question could consider the impact of technology on local issues such as;

  • Homelessness
  • Pollution
  • Education
  • titleAccess to services
  • Community

... but don't be limited by our suggestions. Attend one of three events to get your questions answered, by experts from Google, Innovative UK, My Life Digital and more.

Posted: 19th October 2018

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