Our events submission & planning process.

A quick explanation of our submission and curation process for this year's Bath Digital Festival.

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Jim Morrison

1st June 2018

We’re very excited to see this year’s festival starting to take shape on our planning board. We’re now coming up on a few internal deadlines and a couple of you have been asking me about specific gaps so I thought I should fill you all in on the plans.

First Submissions Deadline - 30 June 2018

Whatever your idea, however polished, we'd like to hear from you.

The deadline for event & talk submissions is the 30th June - that’s now passed.

However, if you even have an inkling that you would like to speak or run an event, please get involved. Let us know your ideas - however rough - and do so quickly; we may still have space amongst our core events or you may wish to run your event on the fringe of the festival.

Now this first deadline has passed we have started our curation of the talks and event submissions we have received and started to release a skeleton plan of the event schedule​.

Get involved

Be ready to help...

This is your festival.  We will need you help this summer.

As soon as we have the basic shape of the festival events we will start publishing events online, allowing early-bird ticket sales and event registrations. This is the first way you can help. If you’re interested in an event, please register early so that we can better plan venue spaces appropriate to each event.

We will then analyse the gaps and start a more pro-active round of outreach to fill those gaps.  

I would still like to be involved

Balance & Gaps

Help us create a fully balanced festival.

In general we’re looking for a diverse and balanced festival in all areas. Here’s how that works.

First, we have our 9x segments - 3x3 of personal, business and tech threaded through learn, do and think. Because these segments describe appropriate audiences for events this is the first area in which we’re looking for balance.

Second, we have 5x day themes - Digital Creativity, Digital for Work, Digital fo Good, AI & Tech and Kids & Our Futures. Again, we’re looking for balance across these days so this is the next area in which we’re looking for balance.

Finally, we wish to build a demographically representative festival. This is a much harder endeavour, for lots of reasons, and where we need the most help. Last year’s festival was very balanced in terms of the gender split between women and men speaking or running events but maintaining this balance needs your continued support. Beyond that, our ethnic and socio-economic balance needs much, much more attention and help from the whole community.

Filling the gaps

Creating a balanced festival programme.

Following the initial curation we will come back to you with an update on specific gaps in the programme that we’re trying to fill. Please keep your eyes peeled for updates throughout July & August and share them whenever you can.

If you have any questions of course - please get in touch either by email or publicly on Twitter so that we can share the answer with everyone.

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