Our 2019 'Digital Talent' Sponsor - Altran

We interviewed Altran UK who are our 'Digital Talent' sponsor. See what they had to say!

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7th October 2019


Who is Altran?

We are the world leader in Engineering and R&D services, offering our customers a unique

value proposition to meet their transformation and innovation challenges. Altran supports

companies with engineering solutions and disruptive technologies. We have been working

for more than 35 years with major companies in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics,

space, defence & naval, rail, infrastructure & transport, industry & consumer products, life

sciences and communications, as well as semiconductor & electronics, software & internet,

finance & public sector. Our 47,000 employees are our greatest asset and our collective

expertise mean that we are at the forefront of research & development.

Bath is home to our Intelligent Systems Expertise Centre, specialising in the design and

development of high-integrity systems and software. Its team has delivered a number of

high-profile projects, demanding the very highest level of excellence.

Have you ever flown in an aeroplane over the UK? If so, you and over one billion other

passengers have travelled safely across UK airspace thanks to iFacts, developed and

maintained by our Intelligent Systems Expertise Centre Team. iFacts gives Air Traffic

Controllers the ability to look up to 18 minutes in the future; predicting aircraft routes and

preventing collisions.

Find out more about iFacts


What was your reasoning for supporting the festival this year?

The Bath Digital Festival is a great opportunity for people who are already in tech, interested

in getting into tech or who use tech in their work to grow their knowledge and their networks.

Given that the success of our work is grounded in the knowledge and skill of our staff and in

the partnerships we develop, supporting the festival and digital talent is a perfect match for



What was it about the Digital Talent category that you felt was relevant to Altran?

Despite a growing demand for software engineers in the job market, the numbers of people

choosing a career in the industry is not growing to match that demand. Often people have

misconceptions of who can work in technology and what it is like.

We want to take this opportunity to support the Bath Digital Festival and show the audience

that the range of people currently working in technology is diverse and includes a wide range

of backgrounds – and that engineers don’t all sit in basements not talking to each other.

We have apprentices, graduates and career changers pursuing careers in software

engineering; we work in mixed teams on a range of different projects. Some of our

employees, only a few years ago, didn’t dare to dream that they could be software engineers

and now they are doing exactly that.


What excited you the most about working in the digital space?

Technology changes rapidly – there is always something new being created. We are

involved in research and development partnerships that enable us to be at the heart of the

technological changes.

What excites us the most is the impact that we have: our employees develop software that

matters. When an Air Traffic Controller requests that an aeroplane change course, they are

confident that the software they use to support that decision is accurate and reliable. To be

reminded of the impact that we have, all we have to do is look up on a clear day.


What excites you most about working in Bath?

In recent years, the South West has become a hub for all things tech and digital – there is so

much going on in terms of innovation and investment that it is the place to be at the moment.

Bath has a real big-city feel with big-city facilities but in reality it is a small city, which means

that a tight-knit business community has been able to flourish and collaboration is always at

the forefront of our minds.


Do you have any recommendations for people visiting Bath for the festival?

Try a bit of everything – especially if you are not sure whether you are interested in tech or

not. Talk to everyone that you can and ask lots of question.

For a head start, head over to our β€˜Digital Talent – How Do I Break Into the Industry?’

event on Thursday 24th October at 14:30 – 18:30 that will help you take your first steps

into the digital industry – there will be people from local networks and our own staff to talk to

about their experiences and advise your best route into tech.

Register for this event!


Click the link to find out more about Altran and see the full list of event they are hosting!

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