Opportunity in Crisis - The MiTEQ Origin Story

MiTEQ launched in August 2020, slap bang in the middle of a pandemic. Hear how founder, Alex seized the moment and is building a thriving business.

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Becky Rock-Evans

3rd December 2020

“Experience is desirable; relationships are invaluable; results are essential.” 

– Alex Whiting
Alex Whiting

Few business leaders were prepared for the disruptiveness of the international events that have unfolded in 2020: a global pandemic (Covid-19); volatile economies; crushing environments for bricks and mortar stores. Who would be bold enough to consider developing a startup in such a climate? Well, the answer to that question is simple: Alex Whiting, Founder of RTLS and asset management solutions provider, MiTEQ.

Having founded MiTEQ in August of 2020, Alex has successfully grown the company from a team of one, to a team of five, in just three months, celebrating partnerships with the likes of international technology giants, Zebra Technologies and ScanSource, along the way. As we interviewed Alex about his initial success with the business, he was keen to touch upon the importance of trust, transparency and first-principal solutions in helping his team to succeed.

“I’m a firm believer that there’s always opportunity in crisis. MiTEQ is only at the beginning of its journey as a solutions provider, but we’ve managed to set strong foundations because we are doing something different, and doing it well. We wouldn’t be able to execute in the way that we are if it weren’t for strong relationships with partners, transparent conversations with customers, and an approach that specifically targets the root cause of problems with specialist solutions, to ensure value is added in the greatest way. Recruiting industry specialists like that of our Account Director and Healthcare Lead, Mark Gilkes, is a huge part of that.”

Alex Whiting MiTEQ Founder presenting

Prior to the inception of MiTEQ, Alex was operating as the Sales and Marketing Director for an information technology company and helped them grow from 15 to over 250 customers, increasing turnover and profit by 10x and establishing them as an expert in their own field. Having amassed 18 years’ worth of experience throughout his time in the industry, Alex was well positioned to identify new opportunities, and use longstanding relationships with industry professionals to capitalise on them.

“Experience is desirable; relationships are invaluable; results are essential. Over the last 18 years, I have built specialisms for certain applications of mobile technology, and that often comes as a reassurance to the businesses I work with. I also make a conscious effort to nurture relationships with all of the people I have met along the way. It’s those people that have supported me in the formation of MiTEQ, and that personalism that continues to reinforce my relationships with new customers, partners and employees. On top of both of those things, results remain essential: our team is geared up to transform organisations  and their supply chains for the better, and it will be the improvements we make for businesses today, that demonstrate our worth as a solutions provider for businesses tomorrow.”

Now, as businesses seek to make their supply chains more visible, mobile technology solution providers – like MiTEQ – are enabling businesses to see and manage their assets with greater dependability. Many readers will note the mass migration of businesses onto digitalised platforms, as well as the growing demands of customers to receive goods and services remotely, while being provided meaningful insights about the status of their orders. Through a portfolio of hardware solutions including RFID solutions, scanners, printers, mobile computers and more, as well as a spectrum of software solutions, MiTEQ is collaborating with medium and large-scale businesses to realise their technological aspirations.

“What MiTEQ does is actually very simple. We talk to business leaders, working out what they currently do within their supply chains and what they are trying to achieve. Once we’ve worked out the best technologies to improve their operations, we help them roll it out. Where our specialisms stop, our partners’ specialisms begin.”

Having participated in this year’s Bath Digital Festival, MiTEQ are now looking to communicate with local, national and international brands to modernise their supply chains and capitalise on new opportunities. You may already know your technological requirements, or wish to consult with Alex and his team to weigh up your options. You can reach out to MiTEQ via their LinkedIn page or website.

For those of you looking to start your own businesses, it would seem that there’s at least one thing everyone can learn from Alex Whiting’s experience launching MiTEQ, and that is: change should be embraced, opportunities should be seized, and the best businesses don’t need to be timed, they just need to be built.

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