Open Call for Digital Art Show

During #BDF2017, we're organising a digital takeover of the ICE Space in Bath. This is how you can get involved.

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Jess Docherty

Festival Organiser

18th August 2017

During #BDF2017, we're organising a digital takeover of the ICE Space in Bath.

Following the this year's festival theme "Tech For Everyone" and our focus on inclusivity and accessibility, this call is for digital pieces of any format by any artist. From digital illustration or dynamic painting, to interactive art or immersive virtual reality; all mediums are welcome.  

The artworks produced will form part of the Bath Digital Festival 2017 at the ICE Space in Bath from 17th to 22nd October.

If you're up for the challenge, this is how you can get involved:

How to enter

To enter work into the exhibition all you need to do is send a proposal (with images if possible) to Any work you would like to be considered should be received by 20th September 2017

The ICE Space will curate the exhibition and select work to be shown.

Printed images should be no larger than A3 and the final piece should be received by 10th October 2017. 

If your work is selected, there will be a £15 handling fee per piece.

All works may be offered up for sale and no commissions will be taken. 

Got questions? 

No problem! You can contact Lisa Wooding directly with any questions about your entry or visiting the ICE space.

Call 07726 937 661

Or email

write a comment.