Not long to go... Let the countdown begin!

Bath Digital Festival returns on 23-27 October 2018.

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Becky Rock-Evans

19th April 2018

So you thought 2017 was good?

Watch out 2018! 

We’re taking you on a journey of digital discovery. The region is one of the most lively tech hubs in the country and we’re going to celebrate it. 
Once again we’ll be taking over the city of Bath with exciting talks, discussions, interactive workshops and ground-breaking tech to play with. 

When is it you say?

Put the dates in your diary.

The Festival will run for five days from 23 to 27 October.

Who’s it for?


Whether you are attending from a business mindset, a student, a mum looking to get back in to work, a grandparent wanting to learn some basic skills, a parent who’d like to understand how they can protect their children online or a kid who just wants to get stuck in and play with some really cool gadgets, we’ve got it covered.

When is the best day to go?

Naturally, we'd say, come for the week!

Every day features some pretty epic events. We’ll tell you more about that when the programme is live. For now, here are the key themes for the week, just to tease you a little:

  • Tuesday 23 October - Digital Creativity
  • Wednesday 24 October - Digital Working
  • Thursday 25 October - Digital for Good
  • Friday 26 October - Digital Intelligence
  • Saturday 27 October - Digital Futures

How can we get involved?

We'll tell you.

There are endless ways that you can get involved with the festival. From volunteering to speaking, running an event to sponsoring there’s plenty of opportunities for everyone at Bath Digital Festival.

Get involved

Early bird tickets for the festival will be released on 21 June. Stay tuned!

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