Marketing know-how events at BDF 2020

Do you have a career in marketing and want to know the latest tips and tricks, or simply want to up your game in blogging, podcasting and content strategy? Come and take a look at some of our marketing events happening virtually at BDF 2020.

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Nina Sellars

12th October 2020

how to get into podcasting

How to get into Podcasting. And why it’s harder than you might think - Wednesday 21st 4-5 pm

Thinking about creating your own podcast but have no idea where to start? Ed White and Ben Kinnaird will share their own experiences in podcasting and video broadcasting on the web.

Each has a unique style and differing reasons for podcasting and will be sharing everything they’ve learnt such as: how they started, key moments of change, how to make money from podcasting and the technology they use.

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Using email marketing to turn potential customers into happy customers - Tuesday 20th 9-10 am

The average email open rate is 18%. That means 82% of people have taken the trouble to sign up for a newsletter and now ignore it. What a wanton waste of one of the most important marketing assets any business owns.

Why do so many email campaigns lack imagination? Because too many businesses see them as a selling tool and not much more. Because businesses spend too little time thinking about how they can be interesting, give value to their readers and build a community. 

This talk will explain how to build a community around your email newsletters which will help deliver long-term and sustainable business growth. 

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Video marketing with drones

Utilising video drones for your brand - Tuesday 20th 10-11am

Are you wondering how video marketing could be used for your brand? Why not take it to the next level by adding drones to get a different perspective? 

We hear people talk about video marketing a lot. With technology, you can easily create videos yourself using your phone and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, does that mean it's promoting your brand in the right way?

In this interactive virtual talk, we will discuss how we utilise video content and aerial content to promote brands, and why we are trusted to capture incredible visuals.

It's not about just pressing record. It's about how we create a story.

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How to create bulletproof blogging and content strategy

How to create a bulletproof blogging and content strategy - Wednesday 21st 9-10 am

Need to up your game through blogs? Need ideas on how to create useful content? Ben from Rather Inventive, will share how to develop a bulletproof content strategy to boost your social media activity and help you get found online through search engine optimisation. 

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8 tips to creating a successful website

8 Tips to creating a successful website - Thursday 22nd 10-11 am

Have you ever wondered if your website has the right foundations in place to help you meet your business objectives? Do you ever get so caught up in the wider marketing/business strategy that you’re not sure if your website even has the basics right? Luke Cardy, Business Development Manager at Spindogs has years’ of experience working closely with clients to advise on website projects. He will take you through the 8 key things to consider for website success.    

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