Making the most of working from home

From office to home working... it can be an adjustment. Here's our guide to making the most from your day.

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Becky Rock-Evans

27th March 2020

Working from home can be a refreshing concept but, also a shock to the system if you're not used to it and quite isolating for those of you who need social interaction to keep you motivated. We're here to help establish that home work life balance. 

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Maintain a schedule.

If you can, stick to a similar routine you would have if you were going to the office. Perhaps use the time usually dedicated for travel to do some exercise or to tick off a quick task from your personal to-do list. 

If you are amongst the many who are also tackling the challenges of homeschooling and childcare with a full time job, your schedule may need to be tweaked. Sit with the family and put together a plan that supports each other as best as possible and make sure it is communicated to colleagues so they know when they can contact you.

Don't be a slob!

Get up and get dressed. It really does make a difference to your productivity.

Set up a workspace.

While home working might only be temporary, it could be a good few weeks before you’re back in the office. As novel as it may seem now, don’t be tempted to sit on the sofa with your laptop in front of the TV. Your productivity will flounder and so will your posture.

If you have the space, set up a temporary desk in your spare room, in the lounge, wherever works best for you. If you can get hold of your desktop computer and office chair, do it!

Recreating that office environment will help you to shut the door on work time and transition into home time much more easily.

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Take regular breaks

With a lockdown and social distancing firmly in place, face to face meetings are a definite no go and video calls are quickly becoming the new normal.

With the increased screen time, make sure you take regular breaks. Even if it’s just for five minutes once an hour to stretch your legs, make a cup of tea and to give your eyes a break from the screen.

Make time for YOU.

Take time out to spend with your family, make a call to a friend, enjoy some outdoor time or simply sit and be. Find whatever it is that makes you calm and happy.

If you need inspiration have a read of our health and wellbeing blog.

Keeping a healthy mind is more important than ever right now. 

We're all in this together and we will get through this!

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